Cascina Liuzzi is located in a beautiful hilltop position, precisely in Nizza Monferrato, considered the capital of Barbera. This medieval town (formerly also known as Nizza della Paglia, due to the roofs of its houses made – centuries ago – from straw and woven herbs) is at the heart of many events in Piedmont history, and still retains churches and palaces, important testimonies of a glorious past. The territory of Monferrato, comprised of villages, castles, and great wine traditions, is recognized worldwide, together with Langhe and Roero, as a UNESCO World Heritage Site: 10,789 hectares of land characterized by gentle hills, vineyards as far as the eye can see, and timeless atmospheres. Among the peculiarities of these lands, the infernots are also noteworthy. Createci as extensions to the cellars of the

country houses, the infernots are veritable treasure chests where past generations of piedmonts have preserved their bottles of wine. Crafted by the farmers themse ives, the infernots are now monuments to the “know-how” of the inhabitants of these land to thein particular relationship and their empirica!, immediate knowledge of nature and materials

The vineyards of Cascina Liuzzi rise on sandy-clay scii, with a southeast expos ure optimal conditions where the Barbera grape variety expresses its maximum potential.