The Liuzzi family history has always been deeply rooted in the land and wine.


ur father, Ottorino (Otto), originally from Conegliano Veneto (Tv), dedicatece his Iife to work and his passion for wine, becoming a renowned and expert winemaker.

Thanks to his work, our family has always travele around the world. In particular, we have lived for long periods in Zimbabwe, England and in various regions of ltaly including Puglia, Tuscany, Emilia Romagna and finally Piedmont, thus gaining international experience.

lt was precisely in Piedmont, more specifically in Nizza Monferrato, that with the start of the new,. millennium, our parents bought our farmhouse nestied in the beautiful vineyards of the Asti hills, tending the lanci for the joy of being in 1 touch with nature.

We children, Simone and Stefano, grew up with the passions for nature, the care of the land his fruits, and of course for wine.

And so, in a bet between us brothers, in 2011 we started the production of Cascina Liuzzi wine, starting from an excellent vintage that was very successful with our Barbera d’Asti Superiore Sii.

“Life is too short to drink bad wine”

Perfect Quality

Luytas letytuyse deluiuyas

Barbera d’Asti wines from Cascina Liuzzi as the 1st and 3rd best in the world.

Simone, thanks to his international experience gained over the years in the field of quality controI and development fora well-known Piedmont company, takes care of the technical side and the management of Cascina Liuzzi vineyards.

On the other hand, Stefano, with twenty years of experience as an export manager within a Piedmont wine company,

handles the commercial and marketing aspects of the winery.

So today, it’s us brothers who manage and drive forward this small but great family venture, born from a big dream and a small fraternal bet.